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Our Services


Residential Painting

Converting your property into the place of your imagination. Our weather can be hard on paint. So, residential painting can do so many things for your home. A fresh coat of paint or a new color can give your home a fresh and new look, increase the value and sale price of your home or even improve your mood with the right colors. Allow Touch Up Painting to restore your home to a fresh look with the same color or change it up and choose an entirely new color. Our residential painting services include: - Interior painting - Exterior painting including roof painting - Deck painting - Fence or gate painting

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Commercial Painting

Bettering the look of your company. For business owners with a commercial location, it is important to have a fresh paint job that gives the business space a clean and professional look. You don’t want to hire just a painter with no commercial experience to work on a warehouse. Whether painting inside or out, our skilled painters will provide you with an outstanding result and a worry-free experience. Touch Up Painting will accommodate the needs of your business schedule while minimizing disruption to your organization.  We provide painting services for: - Shopping malls - Schools - Horeca properties - Offices - Warehouses - Hospitals Contact us to deliberate your project today.

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Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a crucial step in the preparation of exterior surfaces to ensure a spotless surface to apply the paint. We can use different types of pressure washing based on the type of job. Power washing can be performed on: - Wood - Asphalt - Aluminium - Bricks

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Joint Compound

For a beautiful, professional finish of your walls and ceilings a good plaster is important. Not only because this looks nicer, but it is also important to strengthen and protect your surfaces, so that they last longer and can better withstand moisture. As a painting company with knowledge and skills of plaster, Touch Up Painting ensure that the total picture is perfect. This to make sure of the sleek finish of the wall, which forms the basis for further processing; such as wallpapering, painting or spraying tegnology. We are glad to advise you on the possibilities in which way your walls, and ceilings can best be done.

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Wallpaper dress up your wall and can make a beautiful statement in your home. It is still a very often used way to finish walls and that is not so strange given the diversity. We will provide you with expert services for wallpaper installation in home or company.

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Repair & Maintenance

Damaged drywall tends to be highly noteable and ruins the overall appearance of a wall. While some would prefer to simply cover the damage with a wall hanging or piece of furniture, there are benefits to taking the time to fix it instead. If not properly taken care of, it can result in an unappealing appearance or, structural damage to your walls. There are many factors that can damage drywall, that cause holes, cracks, damp patches of all sizes. Some of the most common types of damaged drywall are: - Holes - Removals - Water damage - Furniture scuffs

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